Online Syngenuity Circles

During the in-person Syngenuity Circle months, there will be one Syngenuity Circle online for those who want to participate but cannot come or where there is not one in their area. The months in between the in-person Syngenuity Circles, we will host online Syngenuity Circles to bring women across the country together.

After each circle, in-person or online, we will post that months pictures on our Facebook page as well. We launched the first Syngenuity Circles on Saturday, February 4, 2017! Check out the photos from the first 10 Syngenuity Circles! Our Facebook Page Syngenuity Circles Photo Albums include THE BIG REVEAL where you can find out where each was taken and my initial intrigue to capturing them. If you participated in the Syngenuityc Circle depicted or if you’re seeing those photos for the first time, we would love for you to share how these photos speak/spoke to you. What do YOU see in these photos?