I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel. – Maya Angelou.

Why Syngenuity Circles?

Christina Martinez-Williams birthed this idea after listening to Leslie McKenna’s outpouring of grief and resolve toward needing an end to everything that has gone on in and after this tumultuous presidential election season, including a space to breathe. Drawing from an example of basket weaving circles in a post-genocide Rwanda, Christina determined that in the United States, women create through connection and sharing and thus are unifiers by nature. Both Leslie and Christina have a love for math, and Leslie had a vision of connecting Venn Diagrams, and Christina envisioned these circles being possible with connections across the country, so as to produce exponential growth, connection, and unity.

Syngenuity Circles is not meant to be the end goal or even the resolution to the country’s current climate. Many movements, organizations, and events are springing up or remaining strong to do this work. Syngenuity Circles does not mean to replace, or even necessarily add to these, though Syngenuity Circles intends to collaborate with others. Instead, Syngenuity Circles is meant to produce new beginnings that are opposite to the hate, violence, and divisiveness that surged after the elections. Syngenuity Circles will produce a love, peace, and unity that multiplies over time and woman’s experiences of them.

Who can be involved in Syngenuity Circles?

Whatever age (if under 18 with parent/guardian permission), religious background, ethnic group, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, national origin, if you identify as a woman, you are welcome.

Why the Ylang-Ylang tree and flower?

In Tagalog, Ylang-Ylang means “flower of flowers.” Women are like flowers in their beauty, and Syngenuity Circles is like a flower blooming from the unity of all women. The Ylang-Ylang tree begins as a seed and grows fast and tall, even in acidic soil, much like the birth and far-reaching growth of Syngenuity Circles in today’s current climate. The tree’s noninvasive roots are like Syngenuity Circles’s foundation of being inclusive of all women. Like the tree, Syngenuity Circles produces an environment that does not permit destructive guests. Like the Ylang-Ylang’s branches, the nature of the sharing in Syngenuity Circles is flexible despite the potentially damaging wind. Like the year-round bloom of the Ylang-Ylang flowers, Syngenuity Circles keep connecting and multiplying over time. Finally, the flowers’ sought after oil and fragrance not only permeates and lingers but also meets various needs, including reducing stress, anxiety, and blood pressure. Syngenuity Circles aims to produce a peace, love, and healing unity that not only remains with each woman but that can be sensed by all those around her.