Are you interested in hosting a Syngenuity Circle? If so, please fill out this form so we can get in touch with you as soon as possible. Please read the Hosts FAQs below for further information.

Syngenuity Circles’ Hosts FAQs

We know you probably have a lot of questions and are trying to wrap your head around what a Syngenuity Circle looks like and what it means to host one. Below are multiple questions you might have and our answers. We encourage you to contact us as well if you have further questions.

What is expected of me?

     We expect that if you commit to host a Syngenuity Circle…

  • You host at least one.
  • You host in a neutral space.
  • You host on the same day and time as the other Syngenuity Circle.
  • You print and post flyers AND/OR post the flyer on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.).
  • Read through the Syngenuity Circle documents prior to the Syngenuity Circles’ date and time, especially the Framework and Script.
  • Print the pictures OR project them (via computer, projector, screen, TV, etc. in your Syngenuity Circle’s space).
  • Follow the Syngenuity Circle framework and script.
  • You check the Syngenuity Circle Hosts Facebook group or Syngenuity Facebook Page for the next Syngenuity Circles’ time and date.
  • You decide by the Sygenuity Circles’ date whether or not you will host the following Syngenuity Circle.
  • Ask any questions you have via the email address,; Syngenuity Circles Hosts Facebook group; or phone, 202-630-8450.

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How many people do we expect to attend?

We expect that the Syngenuity Circle you host is anywhere from three women to whatever the space you use allows. We say at least three so that some connection and conversation can flow. While we hope that many women come to participate in the Syngenuity Circle you host, we don’t have any set expectations for the quantity; we simply desire to create space for women connect across the divides and work toward genuine unity. If the space you use has limitations on numbers, make sure you add that to the flyer when you print it. Return to top

Should I ask women to RSVP?

We don’t require that you ask women to RSVP, though if the space you are using for the Syngenuity Circle has limitations on space, this could be helpful. If you would prefer not to give our your contact information for an RSVP but still would like women to do so, women can RSVP on the Locations page.. Return to top

Can I invite my friends?

Yes, we encourage you to invite your friends and believe this is a great place to start. While we would like to see women from various backgrounds and identities present and invited, we also understand that even among your circles of influence, you know women who are different from one another and would benefit from connecting in a Syngenuity Circle. While we don’t require an RSVP, asking your friends to RSVP could help you gauge the smallest number you could have present at your Syngenuity Circle. Return to top

Can I host with a friend?

Yes! That’s a great idea. Having two (or three) of you host a Syngenuity Circle could allow you to split up the tasks to prepare for and facilitate a Syngenuity Circle (finding and reserving space, contacting friends and others, facilitating the actual Syngenuity Circle time, etc). Christina Martinez-Williams hosted the pilot circle in her friend’s apartment complex’ meeting room, and this worked out well. Return to top

I’m interested in hosting but feel like I might be too introverted, am unsure about trying to get strangers together, or don’t like talking in front of a group of people.

We will provide you with a script that has some portions that you need to read/say verbatim and others that you can adlib or read if that makes you feel more comfortable. Also, you are more than welcome to start a circle by inviting your friends and possibly asking them to invite a friend or two. It’s likely that not all of your friends know each other, and even if they do, that is ok. Finally, I (Christina Martinez-Williams) will be hosting a hosts Syngenuity Circle online and/or through a conference call so that you can experience what a Syngenuity Circle is like while seeing the framework and script used in real time.

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How does a Syngenuity Circle flow? What’s the framework?

This is a brief outline of the framework of a Syngenuity Circle. If you decide to host, or even if you are thinking about it and want to see more, please contact us, and you will receive a more detailed copy of our framework.

      1. Mingle Time: prior to the circle beginning.
      2. Opening and Welcome
      3. Norms
      4. Introductions
      5. Photosynthesize: conversation about what stands out to women about the photos in smaller circles. (1-2 min intro; 45 minutes for conversation)
      6. Large Circle Syngenuity: a few women will share about their experience in the Syngenuity Circle. (5-10 minutes)
      7. Next Syngenuity Circle and Ways to Connect
      8. Closing Purpose and Fragrance Dispersed
      9. Mingle Time

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Do I have to print and post flyers?

No, you do not have to print and post flyers in order to host. If you choose not to print and post flyers, we ask that you share the electronic version of the flyer with those you invite through other mediums, such as email, text, evite, social media, etc. We encourage you to start with inviting your friends. Return to top

Where can I print flyers?

Flyers and contact cards can be printed at any stores that have a printing section. You can print in either black and white or color. Black and white is cheaper than color. For example, at the Staples Print Store near DC, B&W is $0.02 per 8.5’’x11’’ page vs. $0.12 per page for color; prices vary by location. You could also print the club card or postcard version of the flyer, which at UPS is $0.35 per post-card, full-color. Another option is printing our business card flyer, which are 500 for $15. If you still want to post a flyer but don’t want to spend any money, you can hand-write the information that is on the flyer in the Hosts’ Packet. Return to top

Where should I post flyers?

Flyers can be posted anywhere where they are permitted, such as community centers, local gyms, grocery stores, coffee shops, small banks, and libraries. You can post as few or as many flyers as you would like. Return to top

When should I advertise?

As soon as you decide to host, contact us, and find the space the Syngenuity Circle will use, start advertising so that women have as much advanced notice as possible. As is probably the case with you, many women have busy lives that get planned quickly. Return to top

What are the contact cards for?

These are for women to take with them at the end of the Syngenuity Circle. They have all of our contact information on them so that women can continue to follow what we are doing. It is up to you if you want to print these or not. Return to top

Where can I print the Syngenuity Circle Norms?

Please see the response to the “Where can I print flyers” question above. We would like Syngenuity Circle Norms to be printed on 8×10 paper as the smallest size, and if possible, one per potential smaller circle; we recommend printing 2-4. We do offer you a soft copy of quarter sheets that you can print for each woman to be able to have in front of her. These are black and white copies. Return to top

Do I have to print the Sygenuity Circle Norms?

No, if you do not want to print the Syngenuity Circle norms, you can write them in your space on a poster board, chart paper, butcher paper, dry erase board, or even project them if that option is available. If you are projecting pictures, they are also a part of the slide show. Return to top

Where should I host the Syngenuity Circle?

We don’t have a specific location or type of location that we expect you to reserve to host; we only ask that the space you reserve is as neutral as possible. We strongly encourage and recommend finding a space that is free of cost for reserving it. Some ideas of places that often have free spaces groups can reserve or use are the following: coffee shops with a larger room for groups, public library meeting rooms, parks, community centers, apartment complex meeting rooms, or even your apartment or house if you’re open to having potential strangers meet there. Return to top

Where can I print pictures?

You can print pictures at any location that prints photos, which includes Costco, Target, Walmart, Staples, Walgreens, UPS stores, CVS, and FedEx Kinkos. Target prints 4×6 photos for $0.29, 5x7s for $1.79, and 8x10s for $2.89. The cost varies a little from store to store. You can choose which size to print the photos as long as all the photos for each set are the same size. Each Syngenuity Circle will have 4 photos per smaller circle; we recommend printing at least 2-4 sets, though if you have fewer sets than circles (women who show up), you can divide each set into two sets of two pictures each. Return to top

Do I have to print photos?

No, if the space where you are hosting the Syngenuity permits it, you can project the photos via a computer/laptop and a projector onto a screen, from a computer/laptop to a TV, to a smartboard, etc. as long as all the smaller circles can see that projection. Another option is to have each woman pull up the website on her phone to see the four photos. With this option, the host would need to emphasize, during the norms, the importance about remaining present with one another even though they will be looking at the pictures on their phones. Return to top

Do I have to provide name tags?

No, you don’t have to provide name tags. If you do choose to provide them, they could be the sticker kind or even just cut pieces of paper with safety pins. We did find that name tags can help women connect with each other and respond directly to each other. At the same time, if your Syngenuity Circle is more than 7 people, the smaller circles will only be 4-6 women, so they can learn each other’s names pretty easily. Return to top

Where do I get the flyers, contact cards Syngenuity Norms, and photos I need to post, print, or project?

When you commit to hosting, you will email Christina Martinez-Williams at indicating your interest or fill out the form above. We will then send you your host password. This password will give you access to our Hosts Tools page on this site where you will be able to download all the materials you need. If needed, you can also request that a Host Packet is emailed to you (or even mailed if you don’t have internet access or a way to download documents). Return to top

What will it cost me?

Though eventually, we would love to compensate each host for any costs she incurs from hosting, at this time, we do not have the funds to do so. Our goal is for anyone who wants to host to be able to host, regardless of her financial means; thus we have tried to make the costs you will incur as minimal as possible.

Please read the questions above detailing how you don’t have to print flyers or pictures, which would minimize the cost involved. With that said, the following are potential costs you could incur by hosting:

  • Flyers and norms: at the least, $0.04
  • Contact Cards: at the least, $0.04-$0.24
  • Photos (if you are printing vs. projecting them): at the least $2.32 (for two sets of four 4x6s)
  • Name tags: $2 for 100 at Target
  • Gas or public transportation to post flyers and travel to the Syngenuity Circle space: varies per city, how many places you post flyers, and your distance from the reserved space
  • Space reservation: this is a cost only if the space you choose involves a cost; we highly encourage finding a free space. Return to top

What should I do first?

  1. Contact us and let us know you are interested in hosting.
  2. Determine and then secure/reserve the space you plan to use to host the Syngenuity Circle.
  3. Let us know where that location is so that we can add that to the Syngenuity Circle Map on the Locations page.
  4. Get the word out about where that is and the date/time of the next Syngenuity Circle, using our flyers or social media, text, voice, etc.
  5. Prepare for the Syngenuity Circle by printing (or writing or getting ready to project) the Syngenuity Circle Norms, contact cards, and Photosynthesize pictures.
  6. Keep in touch with us throughout so that we can answer any questions you might have, troubleshoot any issues that may arise, and address any of your concerns. Return to top

Do I have to host more than once?

No, we know that everyone has varying interest levels, time commitment ability, and resources. We just ask that if you commit to hosting, you follow through to host that Syngenuity Circle. Of course, if you are willing and able, we would love for you to host more than once. Return to top

Am I expected to provide refreshments?

No, you do not need to provide refreshments of any sort. If this is something you choose to do, we ask that whatever you provide is free to the women who attend. Return to top

I noticed that for every in-person Syngenuity Circle date there is also an online option for those who can’t come but want to participate. What does hosting the online Syngenuity Circles involve?

The online Syngenuity Circles that go on simultaneously with the in-person Syngenuity Circles will occur on the Facebook page and on the Online Syngenuity Circles page. As a host of the online Syngenuity Circle, you would follow the same script and framework as the in-person Syngenuity Circle. The differences would be that there would be only one “circle” online with as many people participating at once as there are present and you would not need to advertise or print/project any pictures. It would still happen at 4 pm EST, and you would be expected to be online for the duration of the in-person circle, 60-90 minutes. Return to top

Do I have to follow the script?

Some of this framework has scripted portions that ensure the original purpose of Syngenuity remains uniform across the country and world. We ask that you read these scripted portions verbatim; they begin with an asterisk* and are bolded. For the rest of the framework (the plain and italicized text), while you may read the script if that is most comfortable for you, we encourage you to familiarize herself with the intent and flow, using the words as a guide, thus bringing your passion, love, and uniqueness to your Syngenuity Circle. Return to top

Where can I find more information or what if I have more questions?

Please feel free to contact us via any of the following methods at any point in the hosting process from deciding to host to the Syngenuity Circle occurring:

We will respond to you as soon as we are able. Return to top