Syngenuity Circles FAQs

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. – Maya Angelou

What are Syngenuity Circles?

Syngenuity Circles are literal and figurative circles of women from all backgrounds who meet every 2 months across the country. They come together to connect and share across their differences and through their commonalities as women in an effort to create feelings and beginnings of peace, love, and unity that they then carry into their perspective communities and spheres of influence. Return to top

Who can be involved in Syngenuity?

Whatever age (if under 18 with parent/guardian permission), religious background, ethnic group, socio-economic status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, national origin, if you identify as a woman, you are welcome. Return to top

Why women only?

Women are often naturals when it comes to unifying people, families, communities. We also often like to talk, connect, and share, and enjoy the process of doing so as well as how we feel after we do. Many women enjoy listening and reflecting about their experiences and current life situations as well as hearing those of others. Though we believe that men can and do do all of the above, Syngenuity Circles are an opportunity for women be authentic with one another gaining and drawing upon those strengths as well as uniting in a way that can powerfully affect positive change in their perspective communities. Return to top

How many women are in a Syngenuity Circle?

Syngenuity Circles range in size from 3 to as many as can fit in the space that Syngenuity Circle is using. Though Syngenuity Circles may be large, everyone will have an opportunity to connect and share as the majority of the time is spent in smaller circles of 4-6 women. Return to top

What happens in a Syngenuity Circle?

Women will gather in circles to share and connect with other women, both like and unlike themselves. Within one Syngenuity Circle, there will be smaller circles so that every woman feels like she has an opportunity to share and be heard. Various photos – of nature, architecture, people, etc – will be used as connectors and conversation starters; we call this sharing and connecting time and process Photosynthesize. Return to top

What are Syngenuity Circles’ Norms?

Syngenuity Circles’ purpose is to work toward genuine unity. To do this and create a peaceful, respectful, loving, and hate-free space, we ask that everyone who attends a Syngenuity Circles’ follow our 8 Norms.

  1. One mic.
  2. Use “I statements.”
  3. Keep an open mind.
  4. Hear each other out.
  5. Hold assumptions lightly.
  6. Give each other space and grace.
  7. Assume the best about each other.
  8. Share openly, honestly, and respectfully.

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Why photos as conversation starters?

Photos are neutral yet hold so much depth, life, and significance. Photos can powerfully evoke emotions, perspectives, and memories as unique as the women viewing them. Photos provide a common language through which to connect and share, even when each woman extracts a different meaning. Return to top

When are the first Syngenuity Circles?

The first Syngenuity Circles will meet two Saturdays following the Women’s March in Washington, D.C., on February 4, 2017 at 4 pm EST. We invite women to come between 3:45 and 4 to mingle. We will use the march as a way to connect with and get the word out to women from across the country. Return to top

How often do Syngenuity Circles meet?

They meet every 2 months. We meet at 4 pm EST, or whatever time that is in your time zone, e.g. if you live in California, your Syngenuity Circle would occur at 1 pm. We invite women to come early, between 3:45 and 4 to mingle before the Syngenuity Circles starts. Essentially, all Syngenuity Circles will then meet at the “same” time across the country and world. In the in-between months, when there is not an in-person Syngenuity Circle, women can Photosynthesize about new photos that will posted online. Return to top

How long does a Syngenuity Circle last?

Each Syngenuity Circle will last anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes, though these are not hard and fast times, and the host can go with the flow, gauging if more or less time is needed at each juncture, while maintaining the overall structure of the Syngenuity Circle framework. Return to top

Where do we meet?

Syngenuity Circles meet across the country, and world, in various locations, such as libraries, community centers, coffee shops, nonprofit organizations, woman’s houses, etc. Return to top

How do I know if there is a Syngenuity Circle near me?

See the Locations section of the website or like and follow our Facebook page and check the map and list of where Syngenuity Circles are happening. You will also be able to see the name of the host for that Syngenuity Circle. If there is not one near you right now, check back in a month or two as new Syngenuity Circles will be starting up regularly or consider hosting one in your area. Return to top

There’s not a Syngenuity Circle near me. How can I host one in my area?

If there is not a Syngenuity Circle happening near you, or there is and you want to start another, email Christina Martinez-Williams at or submit an interest form on the Hosts page. Return to top

What if I can’t join a Syngenuity Circle in-person that particular day/time?

While we strongly encourage women to attend the in-person Syngenuity Circles in-person, we do understand that sometimes this is not possible. For this reason, we will host online Syngenuity Circles running at 4 pm EST each time. Each circle will have a maximum capacity of 8 women and will have an online host. Return to top